The Jewish Club

Group Description

Greetings and Welcome!

Interested in Judaism, Jewish Culture, Jewish History, Great Jewish Literature? Like to participate in activities, read and discuss with intelligent, thoughtful people?

Well then, step right up. This is group is for you.

The L.A. Jewish Club is a group of members with diverse interests including Judaism, Zionism, Israel, Jewish History, Jewish Books...Fiction, Non-Fiction, Culture, Philosophy, etc. We've also been known to see and discuss cinema.

You are invited to not only join the fray... but to actually give us your feedback and plan and make events on topics you'd like to read, see, and discuss.

Wanna read a book or see movie that fits? Let's discuss your idea. Or just skip the official channel and simply suggest a meet up. Anyone can do it, and

This group is open to anyone with a shared interest in these topics we hold dear regardless of their background within or outside of the Jewish community.

I look forward to meeting you and making this a vibrant group.

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