Models Divas and Socialites

Group Description

You know you got what it takes. You are a Traffic, Nieman, Barneys regular. Whether it's a unique Chanel piece or a one season Prada or those LA-brand skinny jeans at Nordstom Rack, you got to have it! You enjoy good taste and personify class, know how to dress to kill, and are always ready to make an unforgetable entrance. By the way, remember that amazing entrance your favorite reality star make on the red carpet?! It starts with the attitude of taste. Dream big, make yourself known, Hollywood is your launch point. WELCOME!

Be free to create, innovate and share goals, aspirations and realizations to this pool of multi-talented pros. Los Angeles is the center of entertainment creativity and opportunity. This is a selective and elite group of individuals who likes fashion, music and entertainment regardless of background. We do not wait for a break. We will conceive our own breakthrough. We will produce events exclusive to our members that will showcase individual talents and area of expertise. We will make waves that will send reverberations to the movers and shakers of this town. But foremost of all we will be supportive of the group.

We will mingle as friends, mentors and peers. We will wine and dine, party and dance because we know that in this short lifetime, WE HAVE TO LIVE IT UP! Models, Actors, Coaches, Educators, Photographers, Stylist, Make-up Artists, Clothing Line Owners, Fashion Designers, Producers, Directors, Screenwriters, Club Owners and Promoters, event planners. Even if you are in between career changes but you know you are smart, talented and attractive, WELCOME! Activities include Fashion Shows, Photo Shoots, Print and Multi-Media Modeling, Video and Film features, Networking Events.Welcome and we look forward to meeting you!

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