Group Description

There are those of us SINGLE SOCIAL NETWORKERS who are "enjoying life", having fun, sleeping in, living at home with mom and pops or our children/grandchildren... Then there are those of us  singles who are pursuing their dreams and goals and actively working on their careers.

Meet new single friends as you network at various single social events including rotational dinner dances, movies, seminars, retreats, cruises, plays, cruises, karaoke, speedy introductions, bunco, dance boot camps, and more.

This group is for singles... ages 19 to 91.

I'm not gonna cap it on the age, so if you're young at heart, feel free to join. Hey, I've had some grey hairs myself.

Membership in the meetup group is not required to attend.  Feel free to bring your single friends.


Reminder:  It's not just the people on this site who attend the events.  Singles from various meetup sites & organizations attend.


Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site!