A Downtown Los Angeles and Los Angeles Metro Meetup

Group Description

Welcome to Downtown LA and LA Metro a dynamic phoenix-like stage, where so much is changing, growing, and re-inventing itself. 'A Downtown Los Angeles and Los Angeles Metro Meetup' a newly revive social group that is about going out and experiencing Downtown's night life and other cultural events plus expanded to the entire Los Angeles Metro such as Beverly Hills, Santa Monica,Pacific Palisades, Long Beach, West Hollywood and etc... Whether it's the 'Historic Core', 'Art District', 'Little Tokyo', 'Skid Row' or the 'Financial District, it is about exploring all the bars, lounges, clubs, restaurants, and events in the downtown and Los Angeles Metro area on a regular basis.

Please note: this group places a strong emphasis on happy hours; late night adventures; as well as on good food; good music; and culture. It also greatly appreciates irreverent wit andhumor, as well as other engaging character flaws.

Sometimes we will frequent upscale establishments. Other times we will hang out in Downtown'sdivestof dives. But most of the time it will be somewhere in between - this goes for the bars, restaurants, music, (but not the art). On the whole, this group is attracted to places and events that have a unique personality, provide great service, and/or simply express a genius in what they do.

A Downtown Los Angeles and Los Angeles Metro Meetup exists in order to regularly get a group of people together in Downtown and in Los Angeles Metro as well, who need to blow off a little steam and have some fun. Nothing more, nothing less.

Check the calendar regularly because we will meet often, and on manyoccasions- on short notice. This is not a big formal thing - it is just a group of new friends, possibility of long term friendship too, meeting to go have a drink or two, catch a bite to eat, and/or attend some kind of culture/art/music event. Plus I included the outdoor activities like hiking, camping and walking by the beach or creating a healthy lifestyle like dancing, exercising and more...

So relax, have some fun, and join A Downtown Los Angeles and Los Angeles Metro Meetup group.

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