Sing Masters Workshop - Something To Sing About !!!

Group Description

Have you always wanted to sing, but never did? Did other things get in your way, like a day job? Or, did you sing a long time ago and want to get back into it?

Well, here's your chance to make your life-long dream come true! You willÖ.Learn from of a lively, friendly audience of your peers. Receive coaching, and critiques, Stretch your abilities and artistic expression, Build your self confidence while working to meet your goals, You will have fun and be encouraged. JOURNEY FROM WORKSHOPTO STAGE!

SMWís mission is to help singers reach their full potential. We provide a supportive atmosphere where singers can test their work and meet their personal singing goals. SMW wants to get you started on your musical goals and next level aspirations as soon as possible. SMW is a contemporary workshop dedicated to building bridges between audiences, performers, and composers in various musical styles and media.

SMW adds a unique touch of class to learning. You'll study with your peers and professional vocal technique, lyric writing and performance coaches. We support aspiring students of all levels from 16 and UP.

Our vision includes visiting clinicians, masterís workshops and separate workshops about the music industry. Our wish is that the organization will expand to create programming such as tour support and music scholarships for aspiring vocalist of all levels and ages that wish to purse music on a professional level.

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