The Social Detective Agency: Discovering LA's SubCultures

Group Description

Join us as we investigate strange new places and people in the city of fallen angels!

Usually involving Free Food, Free Drinks, and Free Admission.

These are what we strive to find. Read on for further details...

Welcome Social Detectives and Sub-Culture Investigators!

This is an "Advanced Professional Grade" MeetUp group where we strive to connect outside of MeetUp to MeetUp with others who have never heard of MeetUp... From Urban Vampires to Uber-Hollywood wannabes to Underground Swingers, we will uncover all the mysterious gatherings outside of this social network to learn about others.

What to Expect:
Each month we will have a case or two to solve. Be prepared to dress incognito, appropriate camouflage, or in character, to blend in with the different groups we investigate. Paid Members will have access to an additional uber-secret event list of open bar events, private screenings, weddings to crash, and other strange underground events occurring weekly.

Not all events are hosted by an organizer. If "Nobody" is the host. Then Nobody is hosting the event. Enjoy at your own risk.

What to do Next:
Sign up if you want to investigate strange and new people or places in the city of fallen angels. From avant-garde artist openings to strange societies they all lurk just under the surface of this site...

To Participate:
All Sophisticated Social Investigators should get / have:
1) Smartphone or at least one that can handle text messages
2) Develop your own persona to share with other members
3) Have a Positive and Compassionate Attitude about strangers
4) A funny or unique hat, glasses, or accessories
5) a blinky pin...(After you pass the Junior Detective Exam)

Failure to list and complete the profile and posting a real picture of yourself means you will be dismissed. As each case needs to be solved meticulously and outside events can not be controlled, any Detective giving a score less than 5 stars will be dismissed...

Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site!