Interracial/Intercultural Friendship, Romance and more!

Group Description

Welcome to Interracial/Intercultural Meet Up!

This site is for singles of ALL nationalities. If you are interested in this Meetup, you are a very special person, and we welcome you on this new and exiting adventure. The purpose of this Meetup Group is to break down interracial/intercultural barriers that needlessly separate human beings and to create a social network for its members to meet and interact in a friendly environment with people from diverse backgrounds.

Men and women of different cultural and racial background should be able to be friends, date and fall in love with whomever they are happy and want to be with.

Of course, if two people of the same race and/or culture meet through this group, that's wonderful!

The main point is: members of this group have one thing in common: they all believe that the artificial barriers that separate us should fall, the way Berlin wall fell.

I am hoping this group will grow and become strong. I expect us to have a myriad of exciting and adventurous events.

If you haven't join the group yet, I hope you'll consider doing so. Thanks, and a big smile and affection to the world!


Membership is not required to attend the events.  Feel free to bring your single friends to the meetups.

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