Los Angeles Nonviolent Communication Practice Group

Group Description

This is a group for people that want to learn and practice Nonviolent Communication, the communication model created by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg PhD. Nonviolent Communication practitioners of all levels are welcome including people brand-new to or just curious about the practice. I have been studying and practicing Nonviolent Communication since early 2013 and I started this group to create a community of people committed to practicing and expanding their ability to practice the principles and consciousness of nonviolence.

It is also a long-term goal of mine to lead Nonviolent Communication workshops and to work with people to support them in creating connection, healing, and resolution. So, starting and leading this practice group is also my "stepping out" into leadership in the arena of Nonviolent Communication. 

If you are new to Nonviolent Communication you can watch a brief introductory video about it here: https://youtu.be/DgaeHeIL39Y 

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