Rave Meetup - Southern California

Group Description

Welcome to RaveMeetup -Southern California Chapter!

Who We Are

Our group shares a common passion--we live for Electronic Dance Music. We are overwhelmed by stunning lights, sounds, and we are part of a growing community of people. We are one. Here we come together to live and enjoy the pulsating rhythms and melodies of EDM. Come be a part of our open group, and discover why raves and EDM festivals have been growing strong for over 20 years!

Although our group has its traditional organizers, we really are a group run by its members. Not all organizers attend the meetups so we've made this group where anyone can post up an event--whether it be a massive or a simple get together. So it's up to you to be active--comment on posts, swap info, Facebook, telegram, smoke signal, whatever you guys/gals can think of to connect with each other and make it happen!

One final note: if anyone posts an event and you cannot be there to host it--as a courtesy--please let our members know in the event description or leave a comment. We're always looking for organizers to host events so if you're interested please contact an organizer for more info.


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