The 20s & 30s Meetup ~ Daring With a Purpose ~

Group Description


The insatiable longing for adventure, the inordinate passion for exploration, the untamable desire to make a difference, combined with that noble spirit of lasting friendships - that is to us what the 20s & 30s are about. Does such a spirit run through the labyrinths of your veins?

This is what we are here for - combined with some laid-back fun and some meaningful volunteer work. We want this group to be a close-knit yet welcoming circle of friends in which people are comfortable with each other, and form those meaningful and sincere friendships that are an oasis in an often superficial and pretentious world.

We are here to make our audacious mark on life and society!


To join, please fill-out the Intro & Interests sections and add a photo of yourself (so members can get to know each other).


We kindly request you to please honour your RSVP, and update your status as necessary, so we can reasonably manage arrangements for our events, venues and volunteering. We periodically review membership status of those with a history of repetitive no-shows and last minute cancellations, and reserve the right to remove such members.

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