Dive Bar Adventures Inc.

Group Description

Welcome to the official site for a "Non-Profit" MeetUp: Dive Bar Adventures Inc.

Each Urban Safari we take you to explore the Weird, Wild, and Exotic bars of Los Angeles. Each trip we observe and mix with the local wildlife in the comfort of our Meetup Group. Make new friends & Discover the fun of finding new flora and fauna in the nooks and crannies of this City of Angels..


Check out what this clip from our last adventure:

What to Expect:

Each month we may have several Exotic Bar Scenes to Explore. Be prepared to dress incognito, appropriate camouflage, or in character, to blend in with the different Dives we investigate. Like this Chinatown Subway Crawl:

Also be prepared to play Wacky Social Games at each dive. Like this one find three washouts and win a free drink!

Every Dive Bar excursion is rated from a level 1 A-Ticket (Exotic),a level 2 C-Ticket (Peculiar), to a level 3 E-Ticket (Deviant). Please be advised, some locales are undisclosed to non-RSVPs... Read our 100+ Reviews!

Our Tour Guides:

Mister Blinky (The Founder) : His Events are for Newbies, Shy, Inexperienced Dive Bar Crawlers. He holds hands and helps you lose your emotional baggage. If you are new to MeetUp or friendless? Sign up for his events... They are generally safe and easy. Generally he will tag you with a glowy bracelet or sticker so we can find your carcass later..(He wears a Fez)

Oracle of Open Bars: His Events are for thrill-seekers and devil may care types. If you are love going to new places to meet new people generally outside of MeetUp, he's your man. He is for the more advanced Dive Bar Adventurer, as many of his events are secret crashes to other parties. He is kind, but does not hold your hand or touch your emotional baggage. Generally more carcasses pop-up with the Oracle...(He wears a Fedora)

Kenway or Randy: These are typically massive flash-mob meetup events where 100's of meetup barflys and adventurers show up. These events may appear to be unhosted, but that's only because there are so many people, both Randy and Kenway are the best Meetup hosts there are... So find them if you feel lost or left out, they will take care of the rest...

What to do Next:

Sign up if you want to investigate strange and new people or places in the city of fallen angels. From goth lounges to dirty dives they all simmer just under the surface of this site...

To Participate:

All Dive Bar Adventurers Must get / have:

1) Phone that can handle text messages (Keep Up to date with Bar Crawls)

2) A funny or unique hat, glasses, fake facial hair, or accessories

3) a Blinky pin/necklace...(After you pass the Dive Bar Adventurer Exam/Challenge)

Failure to list and complete the profile and posting a real picture of yourself means you may be dismissed. As each (Not for Profit) Dive Bar Adventure needs to be planned meticulously and outside events can not be controlled. Our hosts do not accept tips or gratuities, so the best way to tip us is to give our event 5 ***** Stars!

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