TAS- High functioning Aspergers young adults social group

Group Description

My name is Trinity. I'm the founder of this social organization geared toward young adults between the ages of 18-25 in the greater area of Los Angeles,west side including Malibu. My pledge is to bring together "cool" young adults like myself who are looking to bond through friendships, social events such as lunch,dinning, dancing and sports activities. I'm a high functioning athlete and business partner who still faces daily challenges in connecting emotionally/socially with typical young adults. With the lack of resources for "Aspies" at this high level the desire ignited to help facilitate the bridge for unique individuals like "us" . If you are at this high level and are facing similar/same obstacles .. you've come to the right Meetup group!

Look for my facebook page: Trinity Aspies Sanctuary(aka- TAS)

Thank you.

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