The Grove

Address: 189 The Grove Dr
Phone: (323) 900-8080
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Category: Mall
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  • Ellen DeGeneres

    This is a great place to visit when you're in L.A. It's just like an orange grove, but instead of oranges, you can pick designer clothes and funny outfits for your iPhone.

    The Grove opened in 2002 and has been one of the most popular tourist destinations in Los Angeles ever since.
  • Showtime Network

    A great place to shop, catch a movie, grab dinner, and of course there's a farmers market! - Rose
  • Team Coco

    "The Grove is actually named after 22nd and 24th US President, Grover Cleveland. From the air, you can see that the mall is laid out in the shape of his thick and luxuriant mustache." - Conan O'Brien

    It sounds weird, but one of the best views of LA is from the top of the parking structure here. Grab yr friends & head to Level 8 for a view of the sunset and a 360-degree panorama of the whole city.

    Need the perfect Mother's Day gift? You can find it at The Grove from stores like Banana Republic, Nordstrom, Barnes & Noble, Pottery Barn and more! Get the perfect gift with a cash advance today.
  • Mazda

    From your favorite boutiques and restaurants to choreographed fountains, free live concerts in the park and the historic Farmers Market, you’ll enjoy an experience like no other in Los Angeles.
  • Valentine's Day Movie

    Book an outdoor table at a restaurant after you’ve seen the musical fountain show or taken a trolley ride. Treat your sweetie to a homemade peppermint ice cream cone at the Farmer's Market. #vday
  • Yazeed Althobaiti

    I miss this place ??
  • Ibrahim Ss

    Nice weather with nice people ??
  • Material Girl

    Christmas time is the BEST time at The Grove!!!
  • Michael J Lambie

    Love the Grove, my favorite place to walk to for coffee & food. Farmer's Market adjacent.
  • Juston Payne

    Don't think of it as a mall. Think of it as a lovely street crafted to evoke Parisian promenades... with an awesome Apple Store in the middle.
  • Dayana ??????

    Groveeee i've missed u ?
  • Yazeed Althobaiti

    You can call it "jbr" ??
  • The Most Interesting Man in the World

    ‘The Giant Cluster of Buildings’ would be a more appropriate name.
  • Danny Williams

    Skip the Cheesecake Factory and actually go INTO Farmer's Market to eat.
  • Roxanne Rockett

    If you're visiting LA The Grove is a must. If you're a local, you know this is what living in LA is all about...a beautiful environment, restaurants, shopping and people watching.
  • Showtime Network

    LA HOMELAND fans: find our surveillance van near The Grove (Gilmore Lane- near Banana Republic & American Apparel) on 11/9, 1PM-6PM, & see if you can beat the polygraph. Test your powers of deception!
  • M.M.B

    ?????????.!!! ??
  • Jeffries McMasters

    The douche level here is very high. Watch out for the douche/whore combos.
  • Ming-O-Matic C

    3 hours parking for free at the Grove. If you exceed 3 hours and don't buy anything somehow, just grab a magazine from Barnes and Noble to get validation. Better than paying 13 bucks or whatever.
  • ABdulaziz Bin Salmah

    Use FlashPark app to pay for your parking ticket .. It's much easier and faster ??
  • Where Los Angeles Magazine

    Check out top music alfresco at The Grove’s Summer Concert Series Wednesdays in July, and free movies in the park Thursdays through August.

    Basically, you can see Mario Lopez here 365 days a year.
  • GR ????

    Ya5y makan yshr7 al 9dir ?
  • Jihane Lahsinia

    Super cute place but Anfa place Casablanca in morocco is like 100 better ????
  • Es K

    They remodeled looks like a Vegas hotel
  • Jesse Watrous

    There's a beautiful fountain here that has Koi Fishes in it & it will do a show but I'm not sure what times it performs. People also toss coins in it & use it as a Wishing Fountain as well.
  • Rob Heppler

    Secret parking maneuver: the 2nd floor says "valet only" but they can't tow you out of there! Your welcome for VIP parking every time!
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