Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

Address: 1 World Way
Phone: (310) 646-5252
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Category: Airport
Check Ins: 1552501


  • Team Coco

    "When I fly, I like to bring King Crab legs as a snack. Getting the hot melted butter through airport security is a hassle, but it’s totally worth it." - Conan O'Brien
  • (RED)

    Happy holidays and safe travels from (RED). Here's our travel tip: pack an (APPLE)RED iPod Nano and some (PENGUIN)RED books for the trip! Enjoy.
  • Danielle Neuf

    Don't get on Oceanic 815.
  • Justine ? Ezarik

    get in and out as fast as possible. lax = no fun
  • Justine ? Ezarik

    There is a hell.. And it is this airport. Welcome.
  • Lauren Locke

    Easy way to get the "Swarm" badge
  • Lufthansa

    The Lufthansa Boing 747-8 now regularly departs Frankfurt for the movie capital Los Angeles. This is the Flagship aircraft’s fourth intercontinental destination after Washington, Dehli and Bangalore.
  • SkyMall

    Want to get an In-n-Out burger on your LAX layover? Just catch the Parking Spot bus, They share a parking lot with In-n-Out!
  • HealthWarehouse

    Any time you're at LAX, take a moment to "people watch!" You never know who (or what) you might see!
  • Lufthansa

    Want to get to know the City of Angels better? Lufthansa's Travel Report got all the information and tips for you. It's angelic!
  • Valentine's Day Movie

    If you’ve got some spare time, have a romantic “Encounter” at the restaurant in the center of LAX with 135-foot high parabolic arches and a futuristic design. #vday
  • Andy Sternberg

    Don't get too excited when your flight arrives an hour early. That's likely another hour you'll waste idle on the tarmac awaiting a gate assignment
  • Justine ? Ezarik

    Don't go through the xray body scanner unless you want strangers to see your nono's. Eeeek!
  • Brett R

    I hate this airport
  • Robert Rowe

    ...visit the space-aged themed Encounter Restaurant in the center of LAX for some fine dining and awesome airport views!
  • James Lodato

    Get drunk before you get on the plane. LAX sucks.
  • Athene

    Ladies, leave the yoga pants + flip flops for the yoga studio. There are ways to travel (even internationally!) comfortably without looking like you rolled out of bed. #Namaste
  • Morgan Linton

    Get to the airport early - LAX security lines can be very slow - especially in the morning.
  • Jeff ?

    Fly Virgin America, unless you can't in which case catch a ride out of there!
  • Rob Heppler

    If you are lucky enough to be selected for a full body scan. Moan loudly and tell them good it feels.
  • Red Bull

    Cold Energy Drink awaits at Karl Strauss Brewery to give you and your travels wiiings, near Gate 72.
  • TJ Chapman

    Get there 2 hours early!!
  • Tantek Çelik

    bring a small clear plastic bottle of water, drink the whole thing while in the security line, pack the empty bottle in your carry-on, refill it after passing through security.
  • SkyMall

    Nothings more comforting than the Butternut Squash Soup at Wolfgang Puck's restaurant by gate 70 in LAX. If your still hungry, we recommend the Barbequed Chicken Pizza from their hearth-style oven.
  • Chad Stoller

    Get ready to get angry
  • eHow

    Though a major airport, it does not contain the number and variety of amenities you might expect. A long layover is a good excuse to explore the surrounding areas to help pass the time.
  • Kevin Slavin

    Bloody Mary for breakfast. it's noon in New York, after all.
  • Luis Mendoza

    If you fly Virgin America don't forget there are outlets below your seat!
  • Brian Glick

    Don't fly Oceanic Airlines. They have a spotty safety record.
  • Stanford University

    During his visit to Stanford, United CEO Jeff Smisek said that United burns $25,000 worth of jet fuel every minute. Stanford's Aero/Astro Department is creating a more sustainable future for aviation.
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